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Problem with Overstock, Downtime or Excess Capacity?

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What people say?

I increased my cashflow by $2000 in the first month of placing my offer in the network. I was able to use that extra revenue to take my family on a much deserved vacation.
Andrew Gomez
Precision Auto Masters
TradeLink brings enormous value to both our business and lifestyle. We are extremely grateful for the opportunities we have been provided from increasing our business marketing by three times to enjoying personal perks like extra vacations, entertainment and eating out.
Angel Ayala

Grow Your Network

Connecting thru Tradelink allows more opportunities to engage with entrepreneurs and business owners that are goal minded, family orientated and enthusiastic about more business. 

Add New Customers-

TradeLink attracts good customers that are enthusiastic about business and want to see you succeed.

Increase Revenue

TradeLink empowers businesses to take advantage of unbilled hours, excess capacity and overstock by connecting them with other businesses that need exactly that.

Improve your Lifestyle

Take an extra vacation and hire more people to support your business.

Overstock Solutions

Convert products on your shelf into team training, employee manual, extra pair of glasses that you wanted, updated brochures and more.

Trade gift cards, certificates and experiences.

Invite more people to your business and benefit from the word of mouth advertising

TradeLink helps ITEX Members

ITEX Members are Accountants,  Amazon Retailers, Attorneys, Business Consultants, Florist, Landscapers,  Mechanics,  Printers, Restauranteurs, and all the Mom & Pop Entrepreneur’s

Support Center

TradeLink team is here to serve you. Our goal is to foster a lively trading environment that will help your business connect with local businesses. We are standing by as a partner with you in business, finding you leads, bringing you customers and helping your business grow so you can enjoy the perks you deserve.
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Barron Perales


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Judy Perez

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