Connect with 1000’s of members in any member community across the United States.

TradeLink uses the ITEX mobile App and their directory. ITEX has over 22,000 members throughout North America (US and Canada).

No new equipment. Real-time transactions. Download the App and transact today.

The App is available on Android (Play Store), iPhone (App Store) and Amazon Fire (App Store). It has been downloaded by more than 10,000 users and is used locally to send and receive ITEX dollars.

We are in this together. Rate your experience and help provide valuable feedback.

Members can provide a rating between 1-5 stars and leave additional comments. Other members use this to guide their purchasing decisions.

Invite vendors, friends, and family to your trade community.

Members can send their friends an invitation to join. Once the member sends the invite, the invitee will be placed into a automated email campaign that communicates the membership benefits.